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Weighing In On the Super Bowl Halftime Show Controversy

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Neither opinion about the Super Bowl halftime show this year is the “unpopular” one because both sides of the argument are being equally vocal on the issue, but in my personal opinion one of these opinions should be the unpopular opinion and the other should be the norm. But let me back up first.

If you don’t know, this past weekend on February 2nd the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 20 in the 54th Super Bowl. Even more discussed than the game itself was the Super Bowl halftime show, this year featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Both women have illustrious careers in the music and dance industries, and J-Lo, additionally, in the film industry. They are powerful and beautiful women with a range of talents who poured their hearts out on the stage that night. And yet, many people (mostly people with young children) we’re condemning the two women because the performance was not “appropriate” for their children.

While everyone has a complete right to their opinion and to choose what their children watch, I'm on the side of the masses supporting and praising the women for their killer performance and hard work. Scantily clad women take to football fields all the time as cheerleaders, and these two women shouldn’t be discriminated against for doing something so similar in nature. I believe parents could have used the opportunity, if they so chose, to de-sexualize the performance for their kids and express the immense work and fitness it took J-Lo and Shakira to perform the way they did.

Because we aren’t entirely in control of everything children could bare witness to, we can at least be in control of how they perceive and learn from these experiences. So, even if you don’t agree with it, use it as an opportunity to shift your children’s focus to other important aspects of a performance like this rather than the just overtly sexual performance it presents itself as at face value.

Watch the performance here!

Image used from official NFL YouTube Channel video of the halftime show.