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Weird Fact: You Could Drive to Space in One Hour

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More accurately, you could be there in 62 minutes, so plan ahead for your dinner reservations on the Moon. Of course, you couldn't do this normally, but if it were possible to get in your car, start it up, and drive straight upward toward space itself, and stay at exactly 60 miles per hour, you would arrive in suborbital space in about 62 minutes.

Why? The shortest distance between the ground and space is 62 miles, or about 100km. At 60mph, you'll be travelling at a mile per minute, which puts you at suborbital space in 62 minutes at that shortest point. It's great news for those of us who are 45 minutes from some decent services.

But don't count on hitting a fuel station along the way! You'd need rocket fuel to launch your trip, and NASA uses 520,000 gallons of it to lift a rocket into the air. You'd also need to get momentum that your car can't manage to even break the pull of Earth's gravity and burst into space.

For now, maybe cancel that Moon dinner reservation.