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Were Antique Books Worth Over 9 Million Dollars Stolen?

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There was a crazy narrative about a young student. He was a self-observer and would sit in his home perusing books the entire day. 

Having put such a great amount of time in understanding books, he didn't discover time to do other fun stuff. He turned out to be explicitly captivated with just classical books. 

Being a normally inquisitive individual, he set outset to gather old-fashioned, rare books. 

The issue was that the books were so costly. Be that as it may, he thought of a brilliant arrangement with the help of his companion and figured out how to steal more than 6,000 uncommon books, before he was caught. 

The books he took were valued at around 9 million dollars. At the point when he was apprehended, he had all the books stacked in his home. 

The criminologists acknowledged he was taking the books since he cherished them.