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West Coast Wildfires Are Looking More Apocalyptic Than Anything We've Seen

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The news and social media feeds have been flooded with photos of dark orange and red-cast skies, making apocalyptic movies scarily come to life. California is home to a usual wildfire season, but this year has been unlike anything they've experienced before. West Coast states including California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon have been experiencing the phenomenon that spread millions of acres across the states due to nearly 100 wildfires started. 

Several have been killed and many were forced to flee their homes. Wildfires in those regions are usually started by unusually hot weather and dryness, and sometimes lightning strikes. This wildfire season has started earlier on than usual in the year and it is not expected to end any time soon. 

Wildfires are even more difficult to restrain now due to the reliance on inmates to act as first responder firefighters. Now, prisons are overcome with cases of the coronavirus without proper care or medical attention.