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What Are Some Great Survival Tactics To Stay Alive?

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On the off chance that you happen to find yourself ambushed by an earthy colored (brown) hued bear — play dead. And if it's a mountain bear (black), fight. Why? Because wild mountain bears are scroungers and will think a dead body is a free feast. Yikes!

If you are ever held at gunpoint and ordered (without your consent) to get in a vehicle, fight with all that you have. Do whatever it takes to avoid entering the assailant's car. Run, yell, punch, and kick, do everything you can to avoid getting into the vehicle. Period. Here is a rundown of statics to explain why you need to follow my advice: 99% of the time, people who do get in the vehicle, will most likely never return. Especially, if being moved from an open spot to a private spot. I read a quantifiable breakdown of what transpires when people bolt from a criminal with a gun. I can't remember thoroughly, but I think it said, fifty-percent of the time, during such an incident, the attacker will choose not to shoot. And, if they do shoot, there's only a twenty-five percent probability they will hit you. Additionally, if they do hit you, there's only a ten percent chance it will be a mortal injury. So, there's a one percent chance that if you run you will fail miserably. However, abiding by the carjacker's orders by entering a vehicle of a complete stranger with an assault weapon frequently leads to the victim's demise.  

When you are out and about galavanting in the wilderness or some other secluded area, strive to always go with someone. Linger in pairs, especially during evening time, with the objective that someone will know whether you accidentally stumble somewhere. When you are with other people (more than one person) eager animals will be progressively hesitant to advance near you, particularly if you're not the only one. More is better and safer. This includes when nature calls. Remember, the adage, "there is safety in numbers."

If you get too inebriated from weed and start bugging, chomp up some whole dull peppercorns. Nobody at any point perishes due to smoking an overabundance of weed, yet people have passed on from freezing and doing dumbshit. 

On the off chance that you are far away from every other person, and start to have a coronary failure (heart attack), at that point, beat on your chest. If by some unfortunate event this doesn't do the trick (and if you are alone — miles from no humans around, with no cell phone) pour something hazardous under your tongue. The nitro in there can save you. "not clinical direction, just a suggestion in the event that you neglected your medications and have no cerebral pain medication, or never had a past regarding heart issues and have no remedies" 

In case you are a woman and end up in a rather peculiar situation — getting grabbed or attacked, fight your assailant with all you have — every time. Be as noisy as possible, considering the present situation, paying little heed to what the attacker says. In case he takes you somewhere, your likelihood of returning alive is around zero. So, that being the case, do any damn thing you can to sidestep that. And scratch them to get as much DNA as sensibly possible. 

In case you wonder that you are having a coronary scene and decide to take medication, make sure you chomp and bite the ibuprofen, in order for it to be appropriately successful. 

Try not to eat snow, regardless of how dehydrated you become. Eating snow cuts down your middle inside warmth level amazingly, and rapidly. Try to stay as warm as possible through your bodies with whomever you're with. Eating snow can imply a death sentence. Your body will yell at you to drink. 

Never trust anyone except yourself when you are working with power and electricity. They may dispatch that everything is all clear. However, always, inquire if all the breakers are turned off. If you are changing a light that's out, never assume anything. Double-check regardless. A lot of old spots switch through the fair-minded as opposed to the hot… and have no grounds. YOU are the ground. 

In case you ever crash your vehicle into a conduit, you should quickly start rolling your windows down (because when the vehicle has totally brought down the heaviness of the water against the door, it will make it hard to open the window). You can either escape through the open window or trust that the weight will level and open the window. 

In case you find more than one individual laying on the ground unconscious and not moving, DO NOT APPROACH. There's possibly gas and toxins about, you'll essentially be another loss if you get too close. Instead, phone 911 and report it.