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What are the steps to book Southwest from Las Vegas to Ontario

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With Southwest Airlines, if you want to schedule your booking, you will have to be prepared with appropriate guidance about the destination date and time because you will have to get the booking done accordingly. So to get a reservation from Las Vegas to Ontario, you will have to go by the reservation process that you will get within this section. And to learn about book southwest airlines from las vegas to Ontario, through the help of the official airline website and therein you will get complete reservation information.
The steps to get a booking on Southwest Airlines.
1- First off, you need to go to the official website of the airline with the help of a local web browser
2- After that, you need to click on the login button from the top right corner of the website
Now, you will herein enter correct information about username/id or phone number and password to get logged in
3- Once you get logged into airlines account
4- After that, you need to click on the book tab from the homepage of the website
5- Herein, you will have to select your trip type like (round trip, one-way trip, or multi-city trip)
6- Then you need to simultaneously enter in arrival and departure date and time and destination from (Las Vegas) and to (Ontario)
7- After that, you will have to choose the type of class (first, business, economy, or premium economy class)
8- Next, a select number of passengers travelling on board
9- After this, you will have to tap over the search tab from the booking application page
10- Now on-screen, you will get the list of flights according to your provided information
11- Select your flight ticket according to your preference
12- Now provide in contact information about the passenger like full name, address, email ID, phone number, etc
13- After that, you will be directed towards the payment page
14- Here, you will choose your mode of payment and then type in the credit or debit card details and tap over send verification code button
15- Further on your registered email, you will receive the code and copy that code and paste it within the verification field
16- Now click on the continue tab
17- In the end, you will receive a confirmation email regarding a complete summary of your booking with Southwest Airlines.
However, in case you need to go to how do i talk to a live person at Southwest Airlines from las vegas to Ontario, then you will have to use a helpline service number or live chat option from where you will get into direct contact with a representative who will assist you with appropriate tips and methods that you face within Southwest Airlines which provides services 24/7 with instant guidance of booking to Ontario.