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What are the Top Ways to talk to an Air Canada Agent

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Air Canada offers various ways to talk to them. If you want to connect with them and want to get a prompt solution before making a reservation, then you can go ahead. In this write-up, you can learn about methods to talk to an Air Canada agent.
Ways to talk to Air Canada Agent
There are top three ways through which connect with a person is easy and effortless. Now, it depends on you which one you need to direct and that rely on the type of situation you are in.
Connect with Air Canada agent via phone
The best and easiest way to connect with a person is by phone. Most people prefer this situation when they are looking for prompt support. You can also use this when you are in the condition where you need an instant solution.
1- Visit the Official website of Air Canada. 
2- Next, click on the phone number section 
3- Further, go to the relevant phone number and follow the IVR menu. 
4- Press 1 for booking related issues, press 2 to know about reservations or flights, press 3 for flyer program and much more 
Connect with Air Canada agent via live chat
The live chat option of Air Canada is a bit different. With this option, you can connect with an agent or live person, but not every time. In this, you can experience some automated chat experience that is auto-generated, and you can get the reply in text. However, during some situations, a live person can manage. So make sure before you connect with a person, you don’t have to share any kind of details.
Connect with Air Canada agent via Email
Email is another great option to connect, but it is not effective as phone and live chat. The reason is varying response times. In this, you might have to wait for at least 24 hours after sending your messages.
So these are the methods, and a perfect answer of  how do I get in touch with Air Canada and get real-time solution. All of the methods mentioned above are available each day.