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What are the ways to Setup Canon Printer Wirelessly

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Wondering how to perform setup for your Canon printer? Well, in that case, you have come to the exact right place. I would like to share a step by step guide that would allow users a scope to get started with the setup process for your Canon printer. So without much ado, let us get straight into this.

There are certain steps that one needs to take in order to initiate the Canon printer setup. The steps are mentioned down under for how do i setup my canon printer wirelessly :

  • First and foremost, users are required to connect the printer with the Wifi. this also requires setup.'
  • Next in line, users are required to make sure that they have downloaded the printer drivers by navigating to the following link:
  • You are required to select the downloaded file, double click on the same and users then are supposed to get done with the installation process.
  • It is now that users must open the run command. In order to do this, users are required to select the Win key +R.
  • This command needs to be typed in the Run dialog box-control/nameMicrosoft.devices and printers.
  • Select the OK option. Upon selection of the OK tab, users will see another folder open on the screen. This is the Devices and Printers folder.
  • Here, users will be able to spot the ‘Add Printer’ option. Next, you are needed to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the process is completed, users then are required to hit the OK option.

This will complete the entire setup and the process terminated here. You can now test the printer by printing a test page.