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What Feature Horror Movie Was Cursed in Real-Life?

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Sometimes in the filming of movies, real-life tragedy ensues. But what about this transpiring in an actual horror movie itself? 

When misfortune befalls in real-life during the filming of a horror movie, many believe this is a sign the movie is cursed. One such movie in question concerning this incident happening in real-life is the horror movie Poltergeist.

The Poltergeist Curse:

The "Poltergeist curse" is a rumored curse attached to the Poltergeist trilogy and its crew, derived from the deaths of two young cast members in the six years between the releases of the first and third films. 

Horror Movie Poltergeist:


Poltergeist" tells the story of a family who buys a haunted house that was built on top of a Native American burial ground. The plot of 1982 classic "Poltergeist" was based on the Hermann family of Long Island, New York, who claimed to be haunted by a poltergeist that made objects fly through their home.

The house is located at 4267 Roxbury Street in Simi Valley, California. The film is set in and around the house belonging to the Freeling family.

What happened regarding real-life horror in this horror movie? 

Heather O'Rourke, the terrified youngster sucked into a spectral vacuum by supernatural spirits in the “Poltergeist” films, died on an operating table at a San Diego hospital.

Terry Merryman, a spokeswoman for Children's Hospital of San Diego, said O'Rourke underwent emergency surgery at 12:45 p.m. to repair an acute bowel obstruction but died two hours into the operation. Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne) died at the age of 12 of cardiac arrest and septic shock stemming from a Filming was completed on a third ″Poltergeist.″ 

What happened to the oldest daughter in Poltergeist 2?

Dominique Dunne:

Months After the Release of the First Film, a Star Was Murdered. Poltergeist was released in June 1982, and in November of that year, 22-year-old Dominique Dunne, who played Dana (the family's older daughter), was murdered. Oct 31, 2019

All of these deaths have led to a rumor that the production was haunted, on account of the prop master reportedly using actual skeletons.