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What Happens if Schools Close?

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It's a very real concern for families with school aged children. Since more and more schools are closing for at least two weeks, and some considering closing for the remainder if the school year, the concern requires immediate and drastic answers. So, if schools close, what will we as a nation do?

Already, students used to traditional instruction find themselves suddenly homeschooled. Not only is this a huge strain on students, who may or may not understand the fear surrounding COVID-19, but on parents and caregivers, as well. Parents who are still required to work outside the home cannot devote a large portion of the day to instruction, or even the few hours that many homeschool programs recommend. And for families that can't afford to use leave or sick time in this crisis, that's a real problem.

Families like these that cannot afford to miss a paycheck will suffer the most. Low income families will have to continue working despite school closures, or may be laid off. If they cannot be home with the kids, the students in these low income families, that could rely on school for one or more meals and childcare during the day, will have to go without.

The point is, school is more than just sitting at a desk.

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