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What Interesting Writing Came From The Famous Composer, Beethoven?

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Ludwig van Beethoven is imputable for providing us an extraordinary line in written scriptures. The ingenious pianist and composer held a manner with words, that without a doubt, equaled his musical expertise.

For example, Prince Karl Lichnowsky was one of his clients and admirers, however, Beethoven’s association with him, shifted to being very unsatisfactory at best. Beethoven believed Lichnowsky’s policies of the Aristocracy have been oppressive, and he grew tired of the prince’s patrilineal mindset towards him.

Eventually, the relationship reached its breaking point. And one day, Lichnowsky interrupted Beethoven’s dinner and requested him to perform for some French officers.

Not thrilled about the request during dinner (partly because he made a habit of doing this to Beethoven) Beethoven stormed out of the residence, leaving a notice for the prince, which asserted:

“Prince, what you are, you are through chance and birth; what I am, I am through my own labor. There are many princes and there will continue to be thousands more, but there is only one Beethoven.”

I’m quite positive that if microphones existed then, Beethoven might have dropped one. 

As a classical pianist, Beethoven is truly one among my idols. However, some other people may also read his expressions as being arrogant. It’s a fair observation anyway.

But I’ve always described it, as it demonstrates Beethoven’s understanding of himself. Strong self-belief is needed to achieve immoderate degrees of excellence.

In order to reach magnanimity, we should first trust that we're confident in ourselves first. I have always said this. When you show confidence within yourself as a person, others will take notice and follow suit about what you hold yourself to be as a person. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. Honestly, give it a shot. You may like the outcome.