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What is 20-20-20 Rule that is Changing People Life?

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So one of the lines from right out of the five am club is one of the DNA's of legendary is longevity so if you look at the Picasso's the jean-Michel Basquiat , you look at the great sports champions , you look at the great history makers. They were much better at energy management than time management. So we're in a war against distraction right now and what we really have to do is optimize our energy. How do I do it well I mean I get to the morning routine. But it's really quite powerful because if you start your day with sweaty exercise you're actually going to activate a pharmacy of mastery that exists in every human brain.

I know you love the neuroscience you're gonna release BDNF which is Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor that's gonna actually accelerate your processing it's actually the repair brain cells that have been damaged by stress you're gonna release the neurotransmitter dopamine which is the the fire neurotransmitter.

Cortisol the fear hormone is highest in the morning so exercising first thing in the morning is going to reduce that I'm getting into my 20-20-20 formula but I mention it because it is a way to maximize your energy. You start your day with the sweaty exercise but what's the rest of that formula which is pretty powerful. Tim Cook and you've got Howard Schultz and it goes on and on before the Sun rises, is the time of least distraction. Before the Sun rises where you can build intimacy and fluency with what you want to stand for in your day before the Sun rises the luxury and tranquility of the early morning hours. You can do that deep in or work that will allow you to go out in the world and play at your best.

What the 20-20-20 formula ?

Is simply there's three pockets the first pocket is move 5:00 to 5:20 you get into the sweaty exercise because like I mentioned it releases neurotransmitters there reduces the cortisol increases your metabolic rate. Which gives you more energy so now and sort serotonin as well which gives you joy.

Now it's 5:20 fundamentally you feel different you have energy your state is strong. You've got a fire in your belly and you've accelerated your focus 5:20 to 5:40 is the second pocket of the 20-20-20 formula which is REFLECT.

We live in a world where a lot of people are busy being busy, but what's the point of being busy around climbing the wrong Mount Everest and so clarity is one of the DNA's of mastery. You know this if you talk to the titans of industry and you talk to the people really getting traction around their ambition. These are people who have a monomaniacal focus on the few things that matter they have an obsession bordering on a possession around the few priorities they want to build our life around. And so 5:20 to 5:40 the second pocket you're right in the journal, you meditate ,you visualize, you do what I call them the book a blueprint for a beautiful day. Or you just sit and solitude and you think and you ponder and you reflect.

And then the final pocket is 5:40 to 6:00, and this is the victory hour the final pocket is grow. If you look at the greatest billionaires, if you look at the greatest producers on the planet these people have one thing in common. They are ridiculously curious and no matter how much money they make it no matter how much impact they have they maintain a white belt mentality.

One of the keys to epic performance is a relentless commitment to daily growth so that's the twenty twenty twenty formulated that the five am method is built around and the premise is basically this as you begin your day so you handcraft the rest of your day. If you have consistently great days, you're going to have consistently great weeks, quarters, a year and a lifetime. So your days are life and miniature and you got to get those mornings.