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What Is A.I ? You're gonna love it !!!

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Hello friends, in this article you will know what is Artificial Intelligence and what are it's effect. Friends, the thing that makes humans the highest in this earth is intelligence. It has played the most important role in improving our skills and in establishing human civilization.

Today if humans have developed so much in the field of technology, then our human brain has the biggest hand in it. On the strength of this intelligence, humans have invented many invention and not to say that every invention has given a new direction to the life of human beings. When computers were made, no one thought that we would be able to use anything like smartphone in future.

But today it is not only a part of our life but also helps a lot in any of our work. In the last few years, AI Concept was put in front of the world by some scientist of computer science to take technology to a different level. Its basic objective was to create such a computer controlled robot or software that can solve a problem by thinking like humans. But many other scientist believe that such development machines in technology can make super intelligence. Which will further threaten human existence. Artificial intelligence or machine learning will be beneficial for humans, the future will tell it.