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What is China's new Hong Kong security law, which will frighten the people there

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China has been trying to change Hong Kong's status for the past few years. He wants the same rule and law in Hong Kong as in China. In view of this, he is passing a new national security law from July 1. It is believed that this will largely end the independence of the people of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's performances have been in the news for the past few years. Every time China makes new provisions to control it in its own way and every time it is shocked by the massive demonstrations there, but this time China has made a law regarding Hong Kong, which makes Hong Kong not only completely Chinese. Will come under control but also the freedom of the people there will end.

These days, the whole world is talking about the new law made by China about Hong Kong. The United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries have criticized it. Hong Kong itself is on fire over this.

What is this national security law :

China has passed a new national security law for Hong Kong. This would deprive the people of Hong Kong of all their rights. Their unique freedom will be a thing of the past. After all, what is in this law, why the people of Hong Kong are afraid of it.In fact, China has long wanted a law that would allow it to directly intervene in Hong Kong's affairs. Overall, these security laws can criminalize anyone in Hong Kong. This law would also mean that no one in Hong Kong would be able to oppose or protest against China and say anything openly.

New security office to be set up in Hong Kong

China will set up a new National Security Office in Hong Kong under the law. Who will keep an eye on the situation there. Will gather intelligence. If this office registers a case against someone, it may be heard in China. The law also states that this Chinese office will act like a super watch dog. Hong Kong will have to set up a National Security Commission to coordinate with it. At the same time, you have to listen to him. The whole reins will fall into the hands of China Not only this, this National Security Office of China will also appoint a judge to hear national security cases in Hong Kong itself. Overall, through this, China will have complete control over the affairs of Hong Kong. Now in Hong Kong, if anyone is found guilty of tampering with security laws, he or she can be sentenced to life in prison.


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