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What Is Colon Cancer: How To Prevent The Lethal Disease That Took Chadwick Boseman's Life

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While battling the agony of COVID-19 Pandemic, young generations have come across another misfortune- the high risk of rapid colorectal cancer growth. One recent example of such fatal consequence is the untimely demise of American actor Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panther, died last week at the young age of 43. 

This South Carolina born celebrity has set his trend in the entertainment industry by playing immortal characters of Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall. Moreover, the actor passed away on 28th August, the Jackie Robinson Day-a day celebrating the contributions of a famous Black baseball player. Chadwick, in fact, has disguised in Jackie Robinson’s character in a 2013 movie.

Shockingly, the cancer of the intestine, emerging in the colon or rectum has invaded many individuals under the age of 50. According to some recent investigations more than 10 % of colon cancer and 18% of rectal cancer are diagnosed in patients with ages less than 50.

Moreover, one of the recent fatalities from this disease is notified when T’Challa Marvel’s well-known “Black Panther” died. Back in 2016, Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. The disease then progressed and entered stage 4.Statements from his Twitter account on August 28 have informed his fans about the disease progression and ultimate fate.

Boseman, in fact, is one of the victims of colon cancer where the disease is diagnosed at a young age. This group of sufferers experiences the bitter severity of the ailment more than the senior people where the diagnosis is confirmed in older ages. Boseman fought with the disease for four long years. He received all the necessary yet painful therapies and surgeries, during peak career. However, the actor never disclosed his disease to his fans.  With this sorrowful death, health workers have raised their concerns about the spread of colon cancer among young people. 

The gastrointestinal oncologist at Johns Hopkins University, Nilofer Azad commented, “Our patient population is starting to get younger and younger,” Health officials are planning to execute effective screening and testing procedures to identify the disease in early stages.