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It is true that Sumon does not attach any importance to these unrealistic thoughts in this age of science, but still sometimes some things put him in question. What he heard in his house did not happen in front of his eyes, it did not happen or not, but a truth that happened in front of his eyes, how can he deny it!


Sumon studied from a mess in Kolkata. He has no need to communicate with the family at present, because he is the only child of his parents, but when he was six years old, his mother died of an illness. Father and uncle lived together.

But as soon as Sumon grew up, his father used to quarrel over his uncle's property. The father's argument was, you take care of the property, do whatever you want independently, no objection, then the property can not be divided. He had another reason. First of all, Sumon works outside. There will always be a meeting with him or not, is there anything right with him! Suddenly he himself may die. In case of not sharing the property, Sumon's father was afraid that selling the property in the future could ruin everything. Because, Sumon's uncle had some bad habits. Such intoxication, gambling, falling into dishonesty, not doing housework, just quarreling and abusing, he doubted whether such mentality could keep the property to himself. Of course Kakao was unmarried. Sumon was then in Calcutta. Dad didn't use the phone, so he kept in touch with his close friend and neighbor Abner. Sometimes he would send information to the neighborhood or home. On the same day, the ring of Abon's mobile phone rang and he found out that his father had been hacked to death by his uncle. Sumon was shocked. He was very upset at that time. But then he had no other way to do anything. Although many of the villagers were by his side, he did not want to go to court with his uncle. Instead, a lawyer arranged for his bail. Because the court will not get his father back, but he will have to go to the village, court, lawyer, police station, police from time to time and it is difficult to say how long these cases will last. It is not possible for him to do all this. He knows that Baba Kakar's fight over the property, his papers, where he is kept, nothing he knows. Tried to find the house, could not find anywhere. Maybe uncle left it somewhere. But Kaka did not ask any questions about these things. Because if he doesn't get this property, he will continue. His confidence is that he will be able to do something in life. And today he has been able to do something, now he is a bank manager. It's just a pity Dad couldn't see. Then for a long time he had no contact with the house. And there was not much talk with Abner. He was also involved in various worldly problems. Yet suddenly that night his mobile phone rang. I was shocked once more when I heard Aban talking on the phone. What are you talking about? Sumon's father's soul became a ghost and took revenge by killing his uncle. Sumon's house is in a little empty space. The other houses in the village are a bit far away. Sudam Mandal of the village was passing by Sumon's house late at night, when he heard clearly that Sumon's uncle was shouting, "Save me, save me!" Dada killed me, Dada killed me. Sudam Mandal fled in fear By the time he saw Sumon's house, Sumon's uncle was dead. Sumon's uncle, Sumon's father's soul has become a ghost, it has been spread throughout the village, around the region. The forensic department will be able to tell how true or false this is. However, when Sumon got off at their railway station, it was one o'clock in the morning. The train is four hours late. There were hardly any people on that train. But when he got off at the station, it didn't matter if anyone else got off. I just saw the brown lampposts burning in groups, but it was dark all around. There is no sign of people. Her luggage is very heavy. When the train arrives at the appointed time, there are two or four people, two or even a horse-drawn carriage. But since the train is late, nothing can be found now. And here the train runs only once. Sumon knows all that. The light is on in the station master's room. He went there once. The door is locked from the outside. That means there is no one in the house, Sumon is relieved. Of course the window was open. Peeked once. I saw some files on the table. Maybe, it's been so many nights so the station master has gone to bed in the next quarter. He came out of the station with the luggage in his right hand. Whatever he thought, no horse-drawn carriage was far away, Sumon lost his way in the desolate darkness! Stood in one place. Bamboo forest on both sides. Shunshan place. Quiet! There is no wind. Yet a whisper in the bamboo garden, which adds to Sumon's fears. Her own body is creepy. Suddenly someone came forward like a shadow in the dark. He said, "Babu, I'm taking your luggage. Let's go first. I'm coming back." Sumon was a little surprised! She didn't know where this man came from. But even though he was scared, he felt a little stronger. A man was found carrying luggage. Sumon looked back once as he walked down the street. But where is the man! Can't see! Suddenly there was a sound. Babu is not afraid. You go ahead, I'm coming slowly. Once in the distance, I saw a faint black look, as if coming forward. Sumon proceeded as usual. The village of Suman is far from the station. His own leg hurt. When he reached the house, he saw his bag lying in front of the door. But there are no people. Got more scared. The man did not take any money. And did not think, how the man came here before Sumon. He did not get any clue. Everything is as unknown to him as this rural darkness. Uncle's house is closed in the dark on the right. Sumon always had the key to her house. He opened his father's room and lit his mobile torch. The interior of the house, the cobwebs, the dust, the table, the chairs and the stool are all in place. More household items such as dishes, utensils, pitchers, pots, buckets, etc. are scattered. How to sleep here at night! But I didn't want to call Aban again so late at night. With that he wiped the dust off the stool and cleaned it. He wiped his table and chair clean, washed his hands, feet, eyes and face in the water of the tubewell in the yard with a handkerchief, wiped his hands and face and entered the room. He put the luggage on the table. He took out the necessary things from the bag. Especially in the chowki a sheet had to be spread. Fear was already working in his mind, he was more afraid to turn off the torch of his mobile. Still tired, his eyes were just falling asleep, suddenly there was a sound in the room! Someone seemed to say something. But Sumon did not understand anything clearly, it seemed that I am your uncle! Sumon got up and turned on the torch of her mobile. She sat up and tried to see something by throwing light around the room. But suddenly as soon as the light fell on the table, her eyes widened. By the way, there was nothing. So how did it come here! Sumon once looked up in the light of his mobile phone, it was the land and house documents. 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