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What Is The Craziest, Bravest Thing About A Well-Known Superstar?

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We all know some celebrities have done some bad-ass stuff. And this is also true to say about there being a superstar here or there who have done some boss things and never took credit for it. Then you have badass superstar, the acting celebrity who did something bad-ass in real life. That bad-ass superstar is Mr. Steve Buscemi:

Steve Buscemi was conceived in Brooklyn, New York (1957). His dad was a sanitation laborer, and his mom was an eatery administrator. From 1980–1984, Buscemi functioned as a fireman for the New York City Local group of fire-fighters (NYFD). 

He began acting in the mid-1980s, with his breakout job in Quentin Tarantino's film, "Reservoir Dogs" (1992). Buscemi has constructed a broad vocation as a very much regarded character on-screen character, chief, voice entertainer, screenwriter, and official maker in the two TVs (e.g., "The Sopranos", "Boardwalk Empire") and film (e.g., "Fargo", "The Big Lebowski", "Pulp Fiction", "Miller's Crossing", "Reservoir Dogs"). 

At the point when the world was shocked by the awful assaults on September eleventh 9/11, Buscemi immediately wore his former fireman suit and went to the site of the Twin Towers. Close by his siblings of Engine Company 55, Buscemi worked 12-hour shifts for a considerable length of time, searching the rubble to search for survivors. He did so secretly, and his activities were just found ten years after the fact, after a Facebook post by one of his previous individual firemen. 

He has said of his work:

"I don't think of myself as having a career. I think of having jobs. When I work, I want to have good jobs. I want to do interesting films. I also want to make a living. You don't always work on the things that you can put your heart into, so it's good to work on things that you can get into one hundred percent."

Buscemi still lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his significant other and their child.