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What Should I Do If My Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails?

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With billions of users across the world, Gmail is known for its top-notch features and services. No need to lay down its features if you already have a Gmail account. So, let’s start with why your Gmail not receiving emails along with ways to fix it. Happy reading!

Methods to Fix Gmail not receiving emails errors

  • Configure correct email set-up: make sure IMAP and STMP Gmail server set up is correctly configured in your device.

  • Check the Gmail storage: If you are not receiving email, Gmail might be running on high storage and thus not allowing new messages. Clear the unnecessary emails to fix this issue.
  • Open your Gmail account on a different browser: Perhaps the browser you are using to read your Gmail messages is outdated or having some internal issues. Try to connect your Gmail account to another browser.
  • Check your internet connection: Slow or unstable internet will interrupt the Gmail server and thus leave you with intriguing about why Gmail is not receiving emails. Check and fix it.
  • Turn off the email forwarding feature: if you are still not receiving Gmail emails, check whether the email forwarding feature is enabled. This will forward your emails to other email addresses, therefore disable it from the Forwarding IMAP/POP option under the settings section.
  • Disable Firewalls: This anti-virus feature blocks some selected emails. Turn off it from the Task Bar. Open the Task Bar> startup tab> antivirus tab> disable.
  • Update the Gmail app: Go to the play store or Apps store and search the Gmail app. Now, click on the update option.

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