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What's inside story of india

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India is called as the largest democratic country in the world. With several constitution as it gives freedom of religion, speech, act and lot but recent activities in India led to question its freedom. The ruling party of india brought a new act called CAA, NRC speaking about this acts,let me brief this in one sentence the following act brought by bjp which gives citizenship for all communies accept Muslims and Christians the act was revolted by many Indians as it speak about freedom of perticular community. So the protest started all over the India It was all good when jama University was attacked unknown according to students they were supported of bjp and antimuslim groups the students were brutally beaten and several wounded. protest stared all over India, crises began womens were harshly beaten more Over the were many deaths across the India

In Delhi the capital city of India there were daily death reports upto 5 to 6 death in day. But the crisis is nowhere to be stopped. And nor any step back from bjp as india burning in fire of communism

Is it a start of war in India? Or a political war?