What's Your Name, Man? Alexander Hamilton - by Ron Chernow

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The masterpiece magnum opus of historical author Ron Chernow, and the book that inspired the runaway Broadway musical hit of the same name, Hamilton is the explosive biography of the American Revolutions more controversial Founding Father.

Alexander Hamilton was a caribbean immigrant who came to America and became the most trusted officer of George Washington, the first Treasury Secretary, the creator of the National Bank, and staunch abolitionist of the American Slave Trade.

Chernow took a microscopically close look at the life of Alexander Hamilton, sifting through endless dank records halls in remote parts of America and Europe in a successful attempt to retrace previously undiscovered steps through the American Revolution.

At over 700 pages, it's a formidable volume, and well worth the read.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow ( source: Amazon )

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow



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