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WhatsApp ban ?

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Is WhatsApp getting banned ?

Sometimes this question Pops up in our mind what if WhatsApp gets banned ever. People from all over the world and mainly from india uses Whatsapp most of the time. Starting from good morning texts to sending important monumentals everything acn be done easily with the help of what'sApp. But this is not the problem, the problem is what if WhatsApp gets banned ? Well you do not have to find a new alternative for WhatsApp. Cause WhatsApp is not getting banned. Although our government has asked several questions to WhatsApp. The answer might be whatsoever but be assured WhatsApp isn't getting banned. Otherwise there'll be a huge dispute in the market. Cause as I have previously mentioned that no matter what and which country is this, majority of the people uses Whatsapp. So what'sApp is not gonna getting banned so easily.