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When & How Did Taylor Swift Become Famous?

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Taylor Swift was around fifteen or sixteen when a local TV station camera crew filmed her at Hendersonville High School for a Nashville TV news feature. Needless to say, the buzz started then.

Now what I think makes her very popular is that her music videos are done with such good production, it’s like watching a tv show or even a movie.

HER VIDEOS HAVE AMAZING PRODUCTION. Especially the last 5 years.

Her marketing team is top-notch - and whether she hired them, or somebody else did…they are very good…her stylists, her photographers, her video directors, her sound production team…all exceptional.

Let's further elaborate a professional run-down of Taylor Swifts road to fame: 

  • She and her family moved to Nashville. 

  • RCA Records picked her up.

  • She dropped RCA because they wouldn't let her release an album until she was 18.

  • This guy named Scott Borchetta found her at a café. He wanted to make a music group called "Big Machine Records."

  • She was introduced to the CMA Music Festival.


  • Scott and Taylor found some awesome producers she could work with and they recorded her album. During this time, Swift starts a MySpace account to build her fanbase.

  • Taylor Swift proceeded to radio stations, urging them to play her music. In reward of the station playing her music, she gave them cookies.

  • Scott praises the media that she's only 16 years old and made an album. Not only making it but writing all the songs.

  • Because she's 16 and wrote her own songs, people begin to take notice. And they're not just crappy WBWG songs, they're catchy country-pop songs.

  • Taylor has now made teenage girls listen to country music.

  • Teenage girls found her music cool because it was relatable to their high school life.

  • Taylor makes many appearances on TV shows like "Good Morning America", "Today", etc.

  • Taylor tours throughout the country, performing covers and her songs. She additionally did meet-and-greets lasting hours on end. This is the birth of how much Taylor loves her fans.

  • Throughout 2007, Taylor releases singles becoming minor hits (but still hits). She rises through the country charts and even hits the Hot 100.

  • She becomes the opening act to Rascal Flatts' tour because the other opening act dude was fired.

  • She begins to become nominated for many awards and such.

  • And then she just became more famous and famous from there. And the rest, as they say, is history. And there you have it, folks.