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When DIY is Hard, Don't Give Up

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I received a message today from someone close to me about the frustration of DIY. The craft project, to make a decorative fountain, left them with a lot of anger and disappointment, because they had the wrong kind of sand to keep the bricks beneath the fountain level. Since they're stuck at home, they'll have to wait to try again until they can get some help.

"I feel frustrated. I want to try and do it on my own, but I can't seem to get it right."

Oh, that's a familiar feeling! I can't tell you how many times I've started a craft or cooking process and failed. Sometimes I even need to call in someone to help me fix my mess! And this isn't a past problem: it's an ongoing one. We all have had soufflés fall flat, plants wither and die, hems turn out crooked, and home improvement projects fail. It's ok to fail. The important thing is not to give up.

Don't give up when your project doesn't turn out right. Use what you've learned to try again from a more informed place. Read up on the subject a little more. Re-watch the tutorial. Find some project reviews. Call a friend and ask what they would do. But crafting, cooking, gardening, and building can be difficult. Give yourself a little patience: if you're trying your best, you're doing just fine!

Photo: Pixabay