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Which Companies May Close By This Summer?

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It's challenging enough to maintain a business effectively in ordinary times. With endeavors to stem the coronavirus pandemic, prompting far-reaching shutdowns all through a great part of the economy, that challenge is just becoming harder. 

The more drawn out the monetary log jam keeps going, the more difficult it will be for everything, except the most grounded organizations to endure. 

A few organizations have just pronounced, or are very nearly bowing out of all financial obligations because of the sudden decreases in income they've seen. While chapter 11 doesn't generally mean the finish of a business, it implies that it needs basic changes to have a real possibility of enduring.

So, many companies have either closed their doors entirely and others who may not have the opportunity to keep their doors open due to the Coronavirus. Here is a list of those companies who may not make it by the summer:

1.) Art Van Furniture

2.) Hertz

3.) J.C. Penney

4.) Pier 1 Imports

5.) Tuesday Morning

6.) J. Crew

7.) Neiman Marcus

8.) Gold's Gym

9.) Tailored Brands

10.) Diamond Offshore Drilling