White Gold

None United States

There is this girl I know smothered in white gold….

Her eyes like diamonds, blue and light-

She carries fertility with her manicure hands and dainty pink lips.

They swarm to her like flies attracted to light, laughing and chatting,

their hard edges soften like her blouse.

This is what men wrote about.

Her image clear as day painted by DaVinci, kissed by dukes and duchesses

while skilled labors, craved her silhouette in stone, and mounted her it at the gate.

This is what they wanted.

I watched as she spread across the world- placed in windows, trees, books, and art.

Our bodies were discarded, replaced, or molded to fit their cravings

I reviled. She was shinning so bright I had to take her out

I watched her. I studied her.

I waited till I found her alone.

The energy in me hungry waiting to feed

Swallowed her whole.


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