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I'm coming, boy! Can I run like you! How fast you are walking, as if you are flying to Hawaii. Think about my mother! My hands, legs, everything is in pain. Malati said the words to her son Bitan. Of course, in one way it was good. Everyone in the village was driving him crazy. Survived for a while. Tanahle would leave him as a village dance master.

A dance master used to teach dance to small children on the verandah of Subhash's house. Malti doesn't understand dance. Just listening, the master of dance plays Hindi and Bengali movie songs on the tape recorder, and the little ones, dh dhin, na dhin, dhei dhei, shake hands, feet, body, shake hands, feet, body, to the rhythm of the song. Dance. That was all right, but something happened. It will be seven o'clock at night. Suddenly the propaganda spread, the dance master was possessed. There was no electric light then, so the whole neighborhood was creepy dark. Only the lamps in the house and the lights of the hurricane are on. Then the torch light was used. Malati went to Somen's house shouting and shouting. They are conditioned. Pucca house. Square yard paved with cement. A basil altar. Open porch all around. Malati and many others from the village were round and round. The master of dance seems to be intoxicated, swaying and swaying. Another witch-wizard, holding a leaf-filled Nimdal in her hand, is chanting mantras, and with the Nimdal she is beating the dance master loudly. And only a moaning sound like an epileptic patient can be heard on the master's face. And Ojha is shouting from time to time, mother Kali Divya will not leave you today. No Shakchunni, Dakini, ghost boy Betty, you have relied on the master, I will defeat you now if it is your turn. Saying that, he is beating the master again through Nimdal's house. After walking like this for a long time, Ojha asked for a clay dhunuchi. At that time in the village he used to use incense sticks to light the evening lamp. The smell of the incense of that dhunuchi caught the nose of the dance master. After walking like this for a while, the master of dance fell to the ground in a relaxed, humming sound. This time Ojha laughed and said to the audience, "You all saw how I drove away the ghosts." This time Ojha asked for a jug of water. When someone brought water, Ojha took the ghat in his hand and splashed the water in the eyes, face and head of the dance master. Then his senses came back. Fear entered Malti's mind as she remembered the incident. Her thoughts, conversations, over and over again, everything was getting random. As he was before, now it is different. Or is he crazy? So the people of the village decided to call him Ojha, like that dance master, to drive the ghost out of his head. Although he did not understand anything else, he understood very well the magic that the people of the village would use to drive away ghosts. And so Malati is fleeing the village in the dark of night. But he himself does not know where to go. So maybe her son is taking her. Wait a minute. Hold my hand. But when Malati regained consciousness, I saw her lying in their village hospital. He did not understand how he came to the hospital. He heard from a compounder that he had fallen in front of the hospital last night. So someone admitted him to the hospital. Even in this situation he got a smile. She is in the hospital now. Her eight-year-old son was hospitalized. Who knows what happened to the disease! Occasionally there was a fever. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Nothing could cure the boy. Malati was surprised! It so happened that the boy she could not heal, whether the boy was Bitan, to save him, saved him from Ojha's hand and brought him to the hospital. But where else is that roof! When did Seto die in this hospital? Tears in Malti's eyes. But, who was the one who was walking in front of Malati last night?

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