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Who is The Most Prolific Author Ever?

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First of all, what does “most published” mean? Do you mean “published the highest number of books,” or do you mean “published the largest number of copies of their books”?

If you mean “most published” in the sense of “has the most copies in circulation,” that honor belongs to Chairman Mao, whose little red book has sold billions (yes, with a B) of copies.

Nevertheless, if you mean having written the most words ever published? then I will explain that L. Ron Hubbard was indeed one of the most highly published authors in the world.  

In 2006, Guinness World Records declared L. Ron Hubbard the world's most published and most translated author, having published 1,084 fiction and non-fiction works, translated into 71 various languages.

And if Hubbard never stopped writing so early in his writing career he would have been the undisputed winner for writing the most words ever. By this time, he had reportedly written over one million words.

Hubbard also became a well-known and prolific writer for pulp fiction magazines during the 1930s. His literary career began with contributions to the George Washington University student newspaper, The University Hatchet, as a reporter for a few months in 1931.

Six of his pieces were commercially published from 1932 to 1933. The pulp magazine Thrilling Adventures became the first to publish one of his short stories, in February 1934.

Over the next six years, pulp magazines published many of his short stories under a variety of pen names, including Winchester Remington Colt, Kurt von Rachen, René Lafayette, Joe Blitz and Legionnaire 148.

Hubbard went on the create the famous well-known Church of Scientology after writing the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. He established a series of organizations to promote the book In 1952. And the rest is history.