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Why Can’t I Open Attachments in Gmail on My Phone?

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Gmail is the largest email server used widely and globally to send and receive emails. Many times attachments are involved along with emails which consist of documents, images, pdf, etc. But sometimes, users can’t open attachments on the iPhone, Gmail attachments are unable to open or even iPhone users go through the problem of Gmail attachments not showing.

There are certain reasons why Gmail won’t be allowed to open its attachment on iPhone

  1. File won’t be supported on the system
  2. Attach file being corrupt
  3. The size of the file is too large to be opened
  4. the iPhone doesn't send that particular file.

Usually, Gmail itself is sufficient to open any attachments involved in the mail, but sometimes external tools might come in handy for such a purpose. If none of them is helping you to open attachments on your iPhone then here are some tips and tricks that might help you solve your problem

  1. Restart the app:- sometimes cookies or any third-party app can be an obstacle for Gmail to work properly, it’s better to close the app and restart it again
  2. Update email to iOS convenience so that system could work in proportionate with the app
  3. Make sure your network is connected and working properly because server/network interruption can be a major reason for Gmail malfunction in iPhone.
  4. Go to your settings and clear cache or could also reset the phone settings by disabling the unwanted third-party app.

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