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Why I Use Soy Wax for Candles

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Candle making can be a fun way to pass the time, and make a unique, personal gift for yourself or a loved one. Many candle crafting DIYers know that there are actually many different types of candle wax to use, and there are concerns such as durability, cost, and cleanliness, or just suitability to a project, that affect the decision to use one over the other. Paraffin wax is extremely popular for its cheap and durable nature, so much that most recipes for candle-making are made specifically for paraffin wax. But out of all of my choices, I choose soy wax for my candles.

Soy wax might be a bit more expensive than your average paraffin candle, but it does come with some added benefits. For one, it's a cleaner burn. Since paraffin is made from petroleum, it tends to burn with a little more smoke than your average soy candle. Soy candles are make from soybeans, and therefore don't rely on fossil fuel for manufacturing. Soy candles are also extremely easy to clean up with a little mild soap, and burn longer than a paraffin candle. If you plan to sell a candle, soy wax will appeal to anyone living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, even if they cost a bit more. 

Even if you choose to use paraffin wax in your hobbyist or professional candle-making, rest assured that both are perfectly safe. I just prefer soy wax for environmental reasons!

Photo: Pixabay