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Why is Avast Signing My Emails?

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Assuming you utilize an email customer (like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird), Avast Antivirus might contain a virus FREE message (already an avast email signature) at the lower part of your active messages to tell your beneficiaries that the email has been examined for malware. These settings are available by default avast actuality, one of the sponsors regarded by a large number of customers all through the planet. On its middle part, it has been known for worth, and features would anytime find in another administration.

One such component is email protection, one of the essential bits of each antivirus thing these days; it looks at each email in your inbox for any signs of activities and erases them all. While doing that, Avast skips up a further step ahead, including an email signature any place it can, essentially like a adds attack.

How To Turn Off The Avast Email Signature In 2021?

Follow these steps to turn off avast email signature 2021-

  • Open web page nad put avast antivirus.

  • Then search for the menu in the menu there will be an option of settings.

  • In setting press on protection, then click on the core shield.

  • In the core, there may option for shield setting u have to choose to configure shield setting.

  • Then put a double-tap to un-mark the tick for adding a signature at the end of the send mails.