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Why Is #DeleteFacebook Trending Right Now — Again?

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Facebook has always had some major issues in the past — from privacy breaches, to content violations, to government cooperation — that made #DeleteFacebook go viral on multiple occasions. However, that call to action hasn't come about quite like this before. And here's why:

Following the Kenosha protest for justice for Jacob Blake where 2 people were killed and one injured by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared in a company-wide meeting that an "operational mistake" had been made. The company allegedly failed to properly deal with a self-declared militia Facebook group that had issued a "call to arms" for the protest in Kenosha. There have been several reports of the group to Facebook, but it had not been removed. 

This was a total breach of Facebook's regulations. Buzzfeed News had reported that militia and QAnon groups on facebook were "dangerous" as individuals and organizations as stated in their new rules. Many people, including Facebook employees, are furious about the situation and blame the whole shooting in Kenosha on the company. 

Facebook users are outraged and are pushing to delete the app, with the hashtag "#DeleteFacebook" trending as a result. Some are comparing the creator of the app to the current US President Donald Trump, claiming that they are both only after monetary means. A Twitter user, Amy Siskind, tweeted around a similar topic but highlighted how Facebook plays a factor in the upcoming presidential elections:

"A lot of people are tweeting #DeleteFacebook - I hate the platform and all it stands for, and came close to doing so last week. But the problem is conservative and far right are taking over the platform. At least ahead of the election, we need you to stay. Then let's all leave," she tweeted. 

The company is reportedly removing any posts that praise the shooting and all graphic images. “This shows that there is a…continued increased risk through the election during this very sensitive, polarized, and just highly charged time,” Zuckerberg said, as reported by Fortune.