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Why more than hundreds of people suicides after listening a " Gloomy Sunday "song?

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Gloomy sunday was written by hungarian pianist and composer Rezso Seress in 1932. He was 34-year old struggling song writer.

It is said that after his girlfriend left him he become so depressed that he wrote Gloomy Sunday.Some say that the song Seress wrote was a discription of war and the final destruction of the world. He put his sorrows and his disappointment in the song with all his heart and soul.

The music alone was very depressing and sad. Then came the mournful lyrics written by Laszlo Javor. It is said that Javorr's suicidal girlfriend inspired the song.According to this song ,the actor wants to commit suicide after his lover death to reunite.

IN 1936 the song was recored in english by Hal kemp whose lyrics were written by Sam M. Lewis. The lyrics of Lewis's song clearly refer to sucide. Later the song was called the Hungarian Suicide Song.

xperts say that the people who committed suicide were having a piece of sheet music in their hands or some quoted the lyrics of the song in sucide notes. Some say that people listened to the song again again and killed themselves. Two men shot themselves hearing the band play the song.

The song was banned in hungary . In the early 40's ,BBC banned the lyrics of the song as they were disturbing the public. later only the instrumental version were allowed to play on the radio. It is said that certain outlets in the US also refused to play the song as they feared that the song was responsible for the suicides. More than hundreds people committed suicide after listening the "Gloomy Sunday".

Later the ban from song Gloomy Sunday was removed. Now if you want to you listen the song

you can also listen .