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Why My Gmail Account is Not Receiving Emails For a Few Days?

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Gmail is a big platform and very trusted service provider since very long time. But one day your Gmail account stopped receiving any email and you are totally stuck at the situation that what to do. Then my friend it is very common but the difference is you should aware of some common troubleshooting tips. Don’t worry, I will tell you these tips today.

Before doing anything you should to go through with a general troubleshoot.

  1. Send a test email
  2. Check spam folder
  3. Check trash folder
  4. Update your Gmail app if required

Now you can go through with advance troubleshoot.

  1. Check whether Gmail is down or not
  2. You should to run your Gmail on different browsers
  3. Check whether your Gmail storage full or not
  4. Remove email filters if any applied
  5. Disable firewall or antivirus

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