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Why Outlook Is Not Connecting to the Server and How to Fix It?

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People are facing a problem there that Outlook is not connecting to the server and because of this issue they are not able to work on their Outlook platform. Let’s see why outlook won't connect to server.

1. Network connection

That your computer, mobile phone, or laptop is connected to a proper network. If your device is not properly connected to the internet then you will definitely face outlook is not connecting to server.

2. Proxy server

Solve outlook not connected to server following these steps:-

Open the settings of your Outlook platform

Then change the settings for the proxy server

You need to connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP

Now select Basic authentication

Press Ok

3. Repair account

Go to the account settings

Open the repair option

Type asked details about your account

Click on the Next option

By doing this your Outlook will automatically get connected to a server and solve the problem.

4. Uninstall and reinstall

Install your Outlook app and then reinstall it. Sometimes doing this will solve your problem because after reinstalling all the data will start from the first step. If there is any problem then it will vanish automatically.

5. Account details

Make sure that your account details are correctly mentioned and the name of the server is also correct through which you are trying to connect. If anything is incorrect then outlook won’t connect to server. 

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Written By Manpreet Kaur Sandhu