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Why pubg and zoom apps aren't baned

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Hey guys welcome again here here I'm gonna

tell you why pubg and zoom aaps are not banned


The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, shocking China. These include popular apps like Tick-Talk, Hello, Cam Scanner and Like. Meanwhile, now people are demanding to ban Pubji and Zoom app as well. However, there is a section which is wondering wbannebji and Zoom app have not been banned

Chinese connection in game Pubg game

Let me tell you that in the early days, Tencent Games, the largest gaming company in China, introduced Pubji in the domestic market. It also bought a few per cent stake in the game maker. However, the game was banned in China after some time. The company then relaunched the game with the new name of Game of Peace. Seen in this way, Pubji is a proprietary mix of games and it cannot be called a completely Chinese app.

Chinese app is not zoom

For your information let us know that Zoom is an American app. The founder of this app is Eric Yuan, who was born in China. However, he is a Native American citizen. That is why the Zoom app is not banned.


इन चीनी एप पर लगा प्रतिबंध

टिकटॉक- TikTok, शेयरइट- Shareit, कवाई- Kwai, यूसी ब्राउजर- UC Browser, बायडू मैप- Baidu map, शेन- Shein, क्लैश ऑफ किंग्स- Clash of Kings, डीयू बैटरी सेवर- DU battery saver, हेलो- Helo, लाइकी- Likee, यूकैम मेकअप- YouCam makeup, एमआई कम्युनिटी- Mi Community, सीएम ब्राउजर- CM Browers, वायरस क्लिनर- Virus Cleaner, आपुस ब्राउजर- APUS Browser, रोमवी- ROMWE, क्लब फैक्ट्री- Club Factory, न्यूजडॉग- Newsdog, ब्यूटी प्लस- Beutry Plus, वीचैट- WeChat, यूसी न्यूज- UC News, क्यूक्यू मेल- QQ Mail, वीबो- Weibo, जेंडर- Xender, क्यूक्यू म्यूजिक- QQ Music, क्यूक्यू न्यूज फीड- QQ Newsfeed, बिगो लाइव- Bigo Live, सेल्फीसिटी- SelfieCity, मेल मास्टर- Mail Master, पैरलल स्पेस- Parallel Space, एमआई वीडियो कॉल- Mi Video Call–Xiaomi, वीसिंक- WeSync, ईएस फाइल एक्सप्लोरर- ES File Explorer, वीवा वीडियो- Viva Video–QU Video Inc, मीतू- Meitu, वीगो वीडियो- Vigo Video, न्यू वीडियो स्टेटस- New Video Status, डीयू रिकॉर्डर- DU Recorder, वॉल्ट हाइड- Vault- Hide, कैशे क्लिनर- Cache Cleaner-DU App studio, डीयू क्लिनर- DU Cleaner, डीयू ब्राउजर- DU Browser, हगो प्ले विद न्यू फ्रेंड्स- Hago Play With New Friends, कैम स्कैनर- Cam Scanner, क्लिन मास्टर- Clean Master– Cheetah Mobile और वंडर कैमरा- Wonder Camera  जैसे एप पर बैन लग गया है।


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