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Wildfires Remain Untamed In California Due To Prison Inmates Infected With COVID-19

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A lot of people actually don't know that wildfires are usually fought by prison inmates, usually paid close to nothing at $1.45 a day in California according to the ACLU. When fires get out of control, the state of California takes advantage of its prison labor force made up of incarcerated people. This has apparently been happening since World War II. 

While the wildfire outbreaks are familiar to the state of California, they are struggling this time around to keep the fires tame as California prison facilities have been ravaged with the coronavirus. This is keeping inmates from being able to head to the frontlines to fight the fires. 

infection rates have been massively increasing in the state, as the inmates have not been receiving the proper care and medical attention they need to overcome the possibly-lethal disease. The increase was reportedly related to the transfer of inmates from prison to prison without quarantine measure being taken. The state has reported 1,341 active cases in its prison facilities. 

The exploitation of inmates in that way has been tied to the phrase "slave labor" in the media, questioning the ethical aspect of using incarcerated people to risk their lives in that way.