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Will Bihar ever become developed?

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In every economic and human development index Bihar is always found at the bottom. It is very backward, even compared with its neighbouring states . Bihar is a yong State but they can't able to harness this resource. Most of them migrate to metro cities or arab countries.

After Nitish Kumar became chief minister in 2005, story begain to change. Bihar became the fastest growing state in India. Many big infrastructure projects were completed. Crime rate decreased, Bihar made records in paddy and potato,

Health indexes were improved, literacy rate increased,etc. All these were tremendous. But still now Bihar is settled at the bottom of major indexes. It rises a quostion will Bihar ever become a developed state?

In the way , we should first see what are the obstracle in the development.

Major problems are:

*Very less major industries

* High level of in employment

*Distance away from National indexes

*Lack of educational hubs and startup center

*Lack of sports facilities

* Lack of minerals

So these are major cons for Bihar. They are all real but the question is how to improve drastically.

I thinks that Bihar can grow ,only we have to change the direction of our effors. Bihar does not have majour minerals, but

it have other resources like soil,water and the most important human resource.we should adopt New Zealand model of growth insted of other models.

1. Agriculture and agrobased industries: we in India treat agriculture for our leaving not as an industry. We should grow more high valued commercial crops like strawberry, sugarcane, ets. OR Organic crops or vegetable that have high value. For this we should adopt co-operative model i.e. average farmer have have 2 -3 hectare of land. If 20 neighbouring farmers comes together and show same crop ,it will be 30-40 hectare. Here they can use scientific methods of production. More crops will produce. And if 200 similar were creatd in a District net shown area would be approximately 700-800 hectare . That will produce huge amount of the product. It will help in the way that they will not have to find market , they can even go far away to sell at better price. This co-operative can even set up processing plant for value addition or can store for more profit.

2. Agro based industries: Government should make mega food park in every districts. They should also give subsidies their for electricity, land ,tax benefits,etc to make competative production. Every district should be developed such that at least it should produce one export quality product.

3. Agrotech: Government should provide technical assistance as well as increase more and more mandi and warehouse. They should be digitise. Develop excellent infrastructure for cheap and fast movement of goods. Encourage more industries to come and invest in bihar.

Government should promote more and more agrotech startups and also provide them guidence from incubation centers.

The part 2 of this is in next article.