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Win the Fight Against Pet Hair for Pennies

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As many of my readers know, I have a beloved dog. I am a great animal lover, and I love to snuggle my pup, but she gets hair all over me, the floor, her bed, and everywhere! Who doesn't hate it when an unfortunately positioned piece of hair stabs you through your jeans. While I'm resigned to have a little dog hair on me most of the time, you don't actually have to buy countless lint rollers just to keep the fur frenzy at bay. You might already have everything you need!

Check below your kitchen or bathroom sink. If you have a pair of rubber gloves, turn them over and take a look at any texture there might be. I find that rough zigzag textures work best, but you can use a wave patterned texture if it's what you have available. Slip it on, and rub the textured hand across the affected area. If you're severely furry, you'll see a difference right away!

But what about those stubborn few straggling hairs? You could pick them off individually, or you can use a little hairspray to charge up your DIY pet hair removal. Spray just enough to lightly coat the textured part of the glove. Swipe the glove over the hair, and voilà! Those little hairs are no more! The downside to hairspray is that it's no good for delicate fabrics, because it can leave a residue or stain. But in a pinch with no lint roller, it's definitely something to try!

Photo: Pixabay