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WNBA Champion Aerial Powers Joins Team Liquid

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Team Liquid just brought on a surprising addition for those not in the know to be a part of their staff. The esports giants have signed WNBA Champion Aerial Powers to join their streaming team as well as brand ambassador for the company's newly founded Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

“I’ll be working closely with Liquid on creating and elevating ways to improve inclusivity not just within the organization, but across the industry,” Powers said in a comment to The Esports Observer. “We’re really going to lean into championing the next generation of women gamers.”

Basketball fans might not realize she has been a part of the esports world for quite some time now. Her channel PowerzSurge has been incredibly popular since she launched it last year and she has proven she is skilled in several competitive titles. Her relationship with Team Liquid even began during the  Valorant Pro-Am event they held last year. “I’ve admired Team Liquid for a while, due to their reputation in the space," Powers said. "They were welcoming and really enthusiastic about me being a part of their event.”

While she has shown she has a penchant for battle royale shooters, she also is just as good in NBA2K at shooting hoops as she is in real life. She has even hosted an all women's tournament for the game in the past called Powerz Up.

Powers has consistently used her voice to promote Black, LGBTQ, and female voices in esports and will be a perfect addition to Team Liquid's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. "We’ve made some strides in the last few years. But let’s be clear, we don’t just want to secure a seat, we want to create the table. We need more women in leadership positions that are able to transform the culture and industry,” Powers said. “It is so true that sometimes you can’t be what you can’t see.”

Powers is also a member of the Global Esports Federation’s Athletes and Players Commission which will make her uniquely poised to make a major impact on the esports scene for marginalized people.