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Woman Caught Spraying Her Breastmilk Around At South California Festival

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A new video has surfaced on the internet, and it shows a woman squirting breast milk at her fellow festival-goers.

As posted by Eric Falconi, the video shows a woman wearing a black, one-piece swimming suit, along with a cap, sunglasses, and a pair of red boots as she dances around before suddenly whipping out her boob and starts spraying milk all over the place. She then carries on twerking and dancing before one festival-goer appears and crouches near her in an attempt to catch some of the milk in her mouth.

The clip was filmed at Dirtybird Campout in Southern California in 2019, but it has only surfaced on the internet now, leaving people in shock. The video has already gathered millions of views and comments, which only seem to be increasing in number every passing moment.

Expectedly the video has been met with quite some backlash. "I assume she just had a baby and that milk is being dispensed to the public instead of her child," said one person on Twitter.

Another added: "Yooooo breast milk is like f****** gold and she's just squirting [it] out like it's water?"

The identity of the woman in the video is yet to be determined.