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Woman Concerned That 'Spine-Tingling Orgasms With Ghost' Will Kill Her

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A woman who fell in love with a phantom lover who gives her spine-tingling orgasms' is afraid her phantom lover would murder her.

Brocarde, a 38-year-old singer-songwriter, met a ghost named Edwardo when he appeared to her during a thunderstorm one night as she battled to sleep.

She claims the spirit, a Victorian soldier who died young after falling into a well, introduced himself and has visited her on a regular basis since.

"I've always been quite dubious about the paranormal and things that can't be properly explained," Brocarde, from Oxfordshire, said.

"I've had a few phantom encounters over the years, but I've always brushed them off and dismissed them.

"That is, until I met Edwardo. I was unable to sleep in my bed... I tossed around in bed, attempting to disconnect from both the storm and a disagreement with one of my pals.

"Then, out of nowhere, I felt a searing hot sensation in my heart.

"When I touched my chest, it felt toasty, almost damp, and the warmth spread throughout my body.

"Then the entire room became frigid.

"I was sitting bolt upright, tears flowing down my cheeks, and I was trembling uncontrollably.

"Someone seemed to be present. When I reached for the bedside lamp because I couldn't see anything, something grabbed my palm and stopped me.

"I felt someone's breath and a shudder down my spine as I heard 'I love you' murmured in my ear and felt someone's breath."

Edwardo made his first appearance at that point."

Edwardo has visited Brocarde on a regular basis since then, showing up whenever she believes he is needed.

"In his company, there's a comfort and a safety that I feel, like I can honestly be myself, and he has really deeply touched me," she claimed, adding that she has kept the relationship hidden from family and friends owing to his fears of being exorcised.

Brocarde claims her 'temperamental' partner communicates with her by making flames flicker while they have a candlelight supper together, even blowing out the candle when he's really angry,' such as when she asks him to prove himself.

"When I try to re-light it, it won't light, and he'll simply go - I'm ghosted," she explained.

"I'll find love hearts in the steam in the shower a few days later."

Brocarde's music is inspired by her unconventional love affair, but she doesn't want to share too much about their relationship or sex life in her songs, saying: "Our private times are empowering - he gives spine-tingling orgasms."

While she appreciates the unique setup, she admits she has some reservations.

"My biggest concern is that he'll expect too much of me and kill me, so I'm a ghost as well," she concluded.

"I adore being alive, so I know our relationship is just temporary - I'm just waiting for the day when he blows out the flame for good and permanently ghosts me."

Brocarde, on the other hand, hopes that other people can find love in the spirit realm as she has.

She stated, " "Physical presence in the traditional sense isn't always all it's built up to be, so I think people should be open-minded about it.

"Many mortals are in relationships with people they can't be with and love people they can't be with.

"It's a difficult concept to grasp, but perhaps some souls never truly die, and perhaps there are ghosts stranded in the hereafter who, like live humans, require love and affection."