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Woman Diagnosed With Stage Four Cancer Months After Her Screening Got Cancelled Due to Covid-19

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A Leeds woman has spoken out following her recent diagnosis with Stage Four Lymphoma. Her diagnosis may have been delayed due to her cancelled hospital appointment. Back in February, Toni Cunnington, 34, went to St. James Hospital after noticing that her lips had gone blue and there was swelling in her throat. She was then referred to Leeds General Infirmary.

Doctors identified a cyst, and an ultrasound was scheduled for March 23. Cunnington’s scan was cancelled due to all ‘non-emergency’ appointments being cancelled as the national lockdown began. She didn’t go the hospital until September since she had developed more swelling. Doctors were able to diagnose her with Stage Four Lymphoma. She said, “It’s so unfair A lot of cancer patients I know have suffered because Covid has caused so much stress to the NHS.” She added, “Waiting was the worst thing because everyone around you doesn’t want it to be that but I could just tell it was cancer. I called every day to speak to the doctor, I wanted results, I wanted things to go quicker and a friend even offered to pay for me to go privately. Luckily Lymphoma is a slow growing cancer but I just had to wait.”

Cunnington wasn’t well enough to begin chemotherapy initially but started on November 11 for six months of treatment. She will have another scan after two months to see if the chemotherapy is working, since the cancer has spread to her lungs and partially paralyzed her left hand. She said, “When my chemo started I cheered a bit. I was like ‘yes it’s started’ because I honestly thought the news of the second lockdown would cancel that as well.”

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post