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Woman Discovers Her Tinder Date's 'Dead Wife' Is Still Alive And Well

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A woman went on a Tinder date with a widower, only to find out that his 'dead wife' was still alive and well. 

It's awkward.

Sissy Hankshaw, who goes under the handle @sissyhankshaw on TikTok, informed her followers she had matched with a 'regular' elementary school teacher with a small boy and that he later told her his wife had tragically passed away.

She elaborated: "I met a teacher on Tinder, and we went on a date. He was 25, he taught schoolchildren, and I thought, 'Oh, that's so wonderful.'

"He had a son, and he stated that his boy's mother had died tragically. He was a single father, and she was no longer alive.

"The other teachers would keep an eye on his kid while he went on dates."'Oh, that's so sweet - how lovely of them,' I thought.

"He liked to run, and he appeared to be a typical person."

But, like many of us, Sissy decided to do some research on her potential new fellow -a, and she discovered his late wife was still alive.

Not only that, but the couple was still together.

"Of course, I had an Instagram stalk to watch how this awful narrative progressed because I adore things like that," Sissy continued.

"I stalked her on Instagram, then went back to show my friend and checked back on a different day, and when I did, she had fresh postings, so I stalked even more.

"I looked up her entire family and professional background on the internet. She wasn't dead, as it turned out. She was still very much alive, and they were still very much in a relationship.

"And he was so ordinary - the most typical person I'd ever been on a date with.


"I challenged him about it, telling him that he had lied and that she was still alive, and he said, 'What the f*** dude?'

"He informed me that I was lying and that she had died. "She's still alive."

As you might expect, others were taken aback by the bizarre story, with one TikTok user stating it gave her "serial killer vibes," and another noting, "I don't think this man should be an influence on the minds of young children, and I think his employers would be very interested in this."

Don't worry about his bosses, friend. I'm sure the dude's poor wife would be intrigued as well.