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Woman Donates Kidney To Husband's Ex-Wife Two Days After Her Wedding

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A woman donated her kidney to her husband’s ex-wife days after her wedding.

Only two days after Debby-Neal Strickland, and Jim Strickland were married in November, Debby donated a kidney to Jim's ex-wife Mylaen Merthe. Mylaen, 59, had been struggling with Kidney disease for several years. By the time she was admitted to the hospital in November, her kidneys were only functioning at 8%

Initially, Mylaen’s brother volunteered to donate his kidney. But it wasn’t a match. So Debby stepped in to make the medical donation.

Jim and Mylaen have been divorced for nearly two decades, but they got along well as they raised their two children, and Jim fell in love with 56-year-old Debby. The women were friendly at family gatherings, though not especially close.

Debby says that the reason she decided to donate her kidney to Mylaen was because Mylaen’s daughter for pregnant and she did not want her to have a baby with her mother not being there. Debby’s brother had suffered from cystic fibrosis, and he died awaiting a double lung transplant. Debby offered one of her lungs, but she wasn't a match and he needed two.

"When somebody needs an organ, if they don't get it, they're probably not going to make it. I know it's something that you do quickly,'' said Debby.

Mylaen’s transplant was set for two days after Debby’s wedding after multiple Covid-19 related delays. That is why Debby wasted no time after her wedding to donate her kidney to Mylaen. She initially considered postponing the wedding, but her friends discouraged her. So Debby got married, and just two days later, she donated her kidney to Mylaen.