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Woman Gives 70 Cats With Special Needs a Loving Home to Spend Their Final Days

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Michele Hoffman, from Santa Barbara, California, cares for at least 70 cats at any given time. Along with her full-time job in the film industry, she set up Milo’s sanctuary to care for cats with birth defects, terminal illnesses, injuries, and those who have been abused or abandoned.

The sanctuary has about 70 to 75 cats at any one time, with cats coming from all over the globe. Hoffman said of the sanctuary, “We believe in quality not quantity, so when there is nothing further to do and their quality of life starts to wane, we hold them in our arms and kiss them goodbye. No one should leave this world feeling that they are not loved, won’t be missed and weren’t important.”

When any cat is brought to the sanctuary, they have to be isolated for 14 days and monitored by veterinarians to check for any illnesses, behavioral issues, and any other problems. Milo’s sanctuary only accepts a limited number of cats based on their individual conditions.

Hoffman stated, “Special needs cats are often misunderstood and overlooked. The one thing about them is that they don’t know they are 'special needs,’ that’s a label we put on them, they only know they are cats. Some require a little more care, patience and love but they are still cats and deserve a loving and safe place to call home.” She added, “Cats that are differently-abled have taught me to never give up, to learn to love, forgive and accept those around you for who they are – not on the outside, but the inside.”