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Woman Gives Birth To Nine Babies Although Only Seven Spotted On Ultrasound

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In a blissful instance, one Mali woman has given birth to nine children after only being aware of 7 as pictured in her ultrasound.

Halima Cisse was gearing up for the seven births as shown by her ultrasound during her pregnancy, only to find two additional babies coming out, totaling a set of nine offsprings.

Due to her complicated and delicate pregnancy, medical professionals advised specialized care for her and upon the country’s transitional leader Bah Ndaw, she was flown to Morocco for the surgery.

Giving birth to five girls and four boys, the woman unexpectedly became a mother of nine children at once. Malian Health Minister Fanta Siby informed that the woman and her newborn children were doing well after concerns were raised about the well-being of the young humans as well as the mother carrying them.

In a heartfelt statement, the ministry of health who was in check with the rare pregnancy case, thanked the political leader, medical professionals of Mali for their generosity and professionalism and congratulated the new family upon welcoming nine healthy babies.

 "In this happy circumstance, the Minister of Health and Social Development thanks the transitional President, whose political leadership and generosity made it possible to expedite and ensure financial support for the medical evacuation of Halima Cisse.

"[The ministry] welcomes the support of Halima's family...the Minister of Health and Social Development congratulates the medical teams in both Mali and Morocco whose professionalism is the reason behind the happy outcome of this pregnancy."