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Woman In China Discovers On Son's Wedding That His Bride-To-Be Is Her Long-Lost Daughter

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A woman attending her son’s wedding in China discovered that her daughter-in-law to be was actually her long-lost daughter.

According to a report by Oriental Daily, last month, during a wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China, a woman realized that her son’s bride-to-be was her separated daughter after she observed a birthmark on her hand. She approached the girl’s parents to ask if she had been adopted, who verified her identity.

The completely overwhelmed bride broke down in tears upon hearing the news and told local media the moment she found out about her biological family was 'happier than the wedding day itself.

Luckily, the wedding could also go ahead and the couple was able to tie the knot as it turned out the groom was also adopted by his mother. Oriental Daily reports that the woman adopted the guy after giving up hope of ever finding her daughter.

In photos that went viral on Chinese social media, the bride and groom can be seen embracing each other after their wedding vows. It's unknown how exactly the daughter went missing, but some are raising the possibility of human traffickers being the culprit. It's also unclear whether the woman's adopted son — now her son-in-law — will be searching for his own parents.