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Woman Made The Internet Laugh Hysterically By Sharing Her Horrifying Peppa Pig Pancakes

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In the middle of a pandemic, Shrove Tuesday surely served as a relief.

As pancake is the main dish of the event, many people tend to stick with their traditional recipes avoiding any modification as it could ruin the recipe. However, if one likes to try new things, a lot of options are available.

Nevertheless, this woman tried to make pancakes in the shape of “Peppa pigs” and the netizens are finding it hilarious.

She shared her attempt to make the pancakes on her Tik Tok account, which went viral.

Even though she bought a Peppa pig shaped pan, her plan didn’t work out quite well.

The video features her visit to Asda, a supermarket, to purchase the frying pan.

Even though she started really good and with the help of a bottle, she squeezed the batter in the shape of the Peppa pig. But it was soon unidentifiable due to additional batter.


However, the ears were still visible.


The failed attempt made the audience break down into fits of laughter.


The video gathered more than 900,000 views on the video-sharing platform.

One person commented:

“That scared me so much.”

Another one left a comment:

“Looks like my sleep paralysis demon.”

Furthermore, people said:

“I’m laughing so hard.”

“Cannot breathe”

Moreover, many people suggested using a different batter next time.