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Woman Sells Train Seat Covers as Crop Tops

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An online ad has gone viral as it appears to be selling social distancing seat sleeves on Chiltern Railway trains as a fairly questionable “crop top.” The blue covers have been pictured on the train seats, adorned with a demonstrative illustration along with a message reading, “Keep this seat free to maintain social distancing when possible.” Identical versions have now appeared on the fashion marketplace app Depop as an item of clothing for £15 and have quickly gone viral since people have been left baffled on social media.

It isn’t clear if the crop tops have been taken from the trains, with Chiltern Railways’ logo visible at the bottom, or whether the design has been copied to create and sell items of clothing. In a post, there was a woman modeling the ‘tops’ along with the description, “Social distancing children railways [sic] crop got a few of these in different sizes. Message me before buying or with questions/offers.”

The top is claimed to be in a size 10, with the condition listed as “good-used,” which could indicate that hundreds of passengers might have had their backs against it previously. Depop Drama tweeted it with the caption, “I am lost for words.” Other social media users also added their jokes about the latest fashion trend with one commenting, “What if the seats were copying her?” Some people liked the tops. One person said, “Kinda cute af where’s the link.” Another said, “Kinda slaps tho.”

Source: Mirror