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Woman Sues Samsung For $1.8M After Getting C-Section To Remove Phone Stuck Inside Her Vagina For 4 Days

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An Albuquerque woman is suing Samsung for $1.8 million after her phone got stuck in her vagina and she had to go to the emergency as she wasn’t able to retrieve it for 96 hours.

Salma Briant, 39, claims that after the incident, she was rushed to the University Hospital of New Mexico. There she was operated in a C-section that cost her $1,168,00 in medical bills. Briant also added that she suffered severe psychological stress from the entire ordeal.

Briant said that she had inserted her phone in her private area because of a bet she made with her friends. But once the phone went in, there was no coming out. The situation was made even worse when the phone vibrated inside her.

“I wanted to see how it would feel to put my cell phone on vibration mode inside of me, just for fun, but it soon turned out to be a nightmare,” she told judge Andrew Peterson in tears.

Although the case is still pending, Briant’s lawyer has high hopes of getting Briant justice. He says that Samsung’s lack of directions pertaining to the insertion of its products into the human body makes for a strong case against the company.

“Samsung is definitely at fault here as they offer no warning about the dangers and potential risks during the insertion of their products inside their clients male or female body cavities or genitals” Salma Briant’s lawyer, Jim McAfee said in court.”

Although Samsung hasn’t officially revealed a word on this issue, it is being reported that the company is considering an out-of-court settlement for the issue.